Untangling an MCC Demo by Lyssa deHart

Untangling an MCC Demo

Get the goods on a passing Demonstration and the feedback from the ICF Assessor

The Benefits of Listening to Others

When I was working hard to prepare for my MCC application, I listened to as much MCC level coaching as I could. It was so helpful to my own self-reflective process.

I didn't want to copy anyone, but I did want to find  confidence in my understanding of a MCC level conversation. And, I was hungry to link that confidence to my personal style. 

You and I may have different styles. Yet, there are so many insights we can glean from listening and then self-reflecting.

I hope this demonstration serves to support you on your own MCC (or ACC and PCC) application journey. Good Luck and Happy Coaching!

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MCC Application Recording and Feedback
Lyssa deHart ICF MCC Application Recording.m4a
48 mins
Lyssa deHart MCC Recording 2 Transcript.pdf
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Lyssa deHart MCC Recording 2 with Self-Reflection.pdf
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ICF MCC Letter and Feedback.pdf
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The Container of a Professional Coaching Conversation