Tangled to Empowered

Group Coaching for Confidence
in a Topsy Turvy World


Should I purchase this or join the Membership?

Yes, joining the Membership group will give you the best value. You can try the group for 2 weeks, and see what you think. Plus you will get a 50% savings. Go back to the storefront and choose the Membership.

When are the Group Sessions?

There will be 2 sessions a week, except weeks I am on holiday... 
  • Starting April 2, 2020 - Thursday Mornings from 9-10:30am Pacific Time. Every other week.
  • Starting April 6th, 2020 - Monday Evenings from 4-5:30pm Pacific Time. Every other week.

What time zone?

All times are in the Pacific Time zone.
Click on this link to the World Clock to make sure you have your time zone correct.

Get Untangled

Do you ever feel trapped in the tangle?
Wanting to get clarity and move forward in your life, but not sure what first step to take?
Join this interactive Group Coaching Experience and tug on the threads of clarity and purpose.

why Lyssa?

With 25+ years of experience working as a coach and therapist, I am uniquely qualified to support you as you create life long change.

I am a collaborative truth teller and thought partner. Forming deep relationships that encourage my clients to grow past their limiting narratives so that they can excel in their life and craft a story worth living. 

Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC

What's included?

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The Why, Who, What, When, & Where
Welcome to Group Coaching: Tangled to Empowered
Zoom Group Room
Our Agreements for Being Together
Group Agreements.docx
39.5 KB
Honoring Your Core Values
Values Exercise 2020.pdf
83.3 KB
5 Levels of Conversation
What are your priorities.pdf
101 KB
Emotions Are Like Road Signs
Emotion Awareness Exercise.pdf
1.04 MB
The JoHari Window
Critical Thinking in Crisis
10 Steps to Critical Thinking.pdf
88.1 KB
Challenging Your Distressing Thinking.pdf
90.6 KB
The Emotional Roadmap
How to Use Your Emotional Roadmap
The Emotional Road Map and Tools.pdf
314 KB
Locus of Control - Move to Empowered
2020 Internal External Locus of Control.pdf
1.25 MB
Locus of Control Made Easy
Roles We Play and the Stories We Tell
Karpman Drama Triangle.pdf
512 KB
Discovering the Deeper Story.pdf
250 KB