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Let's meet

I work with clients all over the world. I work with them on Zoom. It allows me to work with people from anywhere, while I work from anywhere. I love LOVE love being an untethered Coach!

Let's find 15-30 minutes to get to know each other. Finding out what you want from coaching. Asking me any lingering questions. And, most importantly, let's find out if we click. We both need to be at a solid "YES!" to make your Coaching a success. 

It's Not Rocket Science...

You already know this, and it's still worth saying out loud. In order to dig into the messy stuff that's getting in your way as you move toward your goals, you need to feel safe and connected. You need to know that you are in a judgement free zone and able to do the work of crafting a story worth living. 

What's included?

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Let's set up some time
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