ICF Group Mentor Coaching Spring 2020 by Lyssa deHart
Enrollment is closed

ICF Group Mentor Coaching Spring 2020

Next group starting February 10, 2020.
Enrollment is closed

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Meet Maureen and Lyssa

Great coaches continue to develop and grow. Check out our testimonials below! And, if you're interested you can learn more about each of us.
Maureen Purcell
Lyssa deHart

Thank you Darien & Melanie!

"THANK YOU for a truly mind-blowing experience in your class. I am 10,000% grateful I pulled your name out of the internet hat!" 
Melanie Polkosky, Ph.D., ACC


If I take the Group Mentor Coaching Program, how many ICF CCE's will I recieve?

In this program you can get  up to 7 Mentor Coaching Hours and 12 ICF Core Competency CCEs.

Do I get a discount on the three 1:1 Mentor Coaching hours I still need?

Yes. Both Maureen and Lyssa are discounting their individual mentor coaching fee's to $150.00 per hour for group participants.

Bonus Material that will support me?

Yes, Lyssa is sharing her Moore Master Coaching demonstration, which will give you the opportunity to hear a MCC coach, coaching.
PLUS: Lyssa has been given generous permission from her client regarding sharing one of her passing MCC application calls. Lyssa is also including the transcript and ICF Results Letter.

Dates and Times

The sessions dates and times are as follows.
4:00 - 5:30 pm (Pacific Time Zone)
Beginning February 2020
Feb 10
Feb 24
March 9
March 23
April 6
April 20
May 4

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Why Choose Us?

Lyssa deHart, MSW, LICSW, MCC
Lyssa is a collaborative truth teller and thought partner, who forms deep relationships that support her clients to grow past their limiting narratives so that they can excel as coaches and people, and so they can craft a story worth living.

With 25+ years of experience working as a therapist, coach, course leader with inviteCHANGE, and mentor coach, Lyssa is here to support you.

Maureen Purcell, MSOD, PCC
Maureen Purcell, PCC Coach,  is passionate about the power of coaching in enhancing the workplace and life.  

Maureen brings a wholeheartedness and presence to all she does to benefit the work and lives of others.  Through her roles as coach, speaker, Leadership Coaching faculty, and mentoring of coaches, she  inspires others to new and greater possibilities in their life journeys.  

More about Mentor Coaching

  • Develop confidence in your coaching
  • Dance with the Core Competencies
  • Understand the PCC Markers
  • Make friends
  • And, grow your coaching skills!

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 30 files Text Icon 1 text file


ICF Group Mentor Coaching Intake Questions
Pre-Work for Group Mentor Coaching
Program Manual Group Mentor Coaching.pdf
4.39 MB
ICF Core Competencies.docx
718 KB
Updated 2021 ICF Core Competency Model.docx
715 KB
Program Manual SAMPLE.pdf
1.06 MB
PCC Markers - Mentor Coaching.docx
717 KB
Session One
2020 ICF Code of Ethics GMC.docx
390 KB
Session Two
Moore Master Coaching Demonstrations
(1h 28m 27s)
864 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Session Three
Article: But, my clients Choice Magazine.pdf
315 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Session Four
44.9 KB
48.6 KB
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability
Midpoint Check In.pdf
37.1 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Session Five
188 KB
35 Coaching Questions for When Your Client Is Stuck.pdf
56.9 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Session Six
Emotions Are Like Road Signs.pdf
38.4 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Session Seven
Lyssa deHart ICF MCC Application Recording
49 mins
ICF MCC Results Letter
Lyssa deHart ICF MCC Transcript.docx
126 KB
Weekly Session Updates.docx
715 KB
Final Class Follow up Checklist.docx
711 KB
Final Feedback
BONUS Material
Moore Master Coaching LdHart What people are saying.docx
28.5 KB
Lyssa deHart on Moore Master Coaching
557 KB
Extra Resources to Support you
Ethics FAQs.docx
31.4 KB
Sample Client Release.docx
711 KB

7 Reasons You Need ICF Certified Mentor Coaching

  1. You’ve been out of your coaching school for a while and your a little shaky on the ICF Core Competencies.
  2. There is a long list of personal accomplishments that you are working towards and your ACC, your PCC, or your MCC are at the top of that list.
  3.  You need your 10 hours of Mentor Coaching for your ICF renewal.
  4. Wasting money isn’t enjoyable and you want to increase your Coaching confidence so you pass the ICF Performance Evaluation.
  5. The idea of using the ICF Core Competencies with artfulness is very appealing.
  6. You have a growth mindset and want to continue to grow and improve.
  7. Thinking and talking, talking and thinking, about mentor coaching is no longer doing it for you. You’re ready to take action!


"Maureen’s approach to mentoring creates such a calming supportive environment, it’s easy to forget you’re being coached. She is able to zero in on the application of the ICF competencies and identify not just areas of opportunity but strengths, as well.  Maureen has been a major influence on my coaching development and has helped me to be more open and receptive to my clients, which I think helps them to feel more comfortable. I truly enjoy working with Maureen and hope to continue to do so.”
Kristin Stine, MSOD, Coach
Wow, Mentor Coaching Works!
I just had one of the best AND easiest coaching sessions!
Lyssa our mentor coaching yesterday made a HUGE, immediate impact on my coaching.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sandy Stamato, ACC
The Simplified Path
"Maureen Purcell was my instructor for several courses I took when earning my Avila University (ACSTH approved program) Coaching Certification.  Based on that experience, I was confident in asking her to serve as my mentor coach for working towards ICF PCC status. Maureen is a warm and personable individual, but even more importantly (to me) she’s knowledgeable, experienced and exacting with learning standards and expectations.  I enjoy having teachers that demand and help bring out the best in me.  You get the best of both world’s with Maureen – someone who cares about you as a person AND someone who cares about getting things done right professionally!  As a result or working with her I was ready to earn my PCC status through ICF. I can readily recommend Maureen as a mentor coach to others." 
Rich Drinon, MA, PCC, President, Drinon & Associates

Congrats on your MCC Lynne!

I had a session with Lyssa deHart, building confidence for my MCC application. Now that I have done the session and I can apply what I have learned, I feel like I am a much better coach.
Lynne Brisdon, MCC
Living in Vision Enterprises