Craft Your Love Story - Beta-Testing by Lyssa deHart
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Craft Your Love Story - Beta-Testing

Craft Your Love Story
Enrollment is closed


What is Craft Your Love Story and who is it for?

Craft Your Love Story is an exclusive, 10 Module Program that is a self-paced growth journey to crafting the love you wish to have in your life. If you find yourself struggling, repeating the same mistakes, or not happy with where you are right now in your love life, this program was created for you. It is a comprehensive program that will guide you through the steps of clarifying who you are, what you want, and how to be smart about getting it!

How do I become a Beta-Tester?

Please scroll down and take a look under contents. Review the Beta-Testing Honor Agreement. And, come play with us!

How do I get my full refund?

Complete the Beta-testing participation agreement requirements.

If you still have a few more questions...

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. We added additional FAQs down there.

Are You Ready to Craft a Love Story?

11 Things that Might be Getting In Your Way

Do any of these sound familiar?
  1. You have a "Deal Breaker" list and you zealously control/alt/delete anyone who doesn't fill every checkbox.
  2. There is a pattern to your partners and you end up disappointed.
  3. Chemistry is your main indicator and your primary compass.
  4. Quick to jump into love and slow to jump out when it's not working.
  5. You've been hanging out waiting for someone to find you and fall in love with allyour wonderfulness.
  6. Flirting and still asking questions that tell you something important, isn't easy.
  7. The picture you have in your head never seems to match reality.
  8. There is a level of energy that is hard to expand when you don't feel like anything is working.
  9. You don't feel like there are many good options, so you've given up a little.
  10. When you consider what constitutes a good partner it's murky, so you dating anyone with a heartbeat.
  11. For all you're talking about wanting a relationship, you've left no room in your life to go out and find one.

Craft Your Love Story: A Dating Game Plan

Are you ready to discover what it takes to have a healthy relationship?
Would you like to save time and not date a million people?
Do you want to find love? Then read on...

This is a Self-Paced Dating Program
  • Go at your own speed. 
  • You will get the full Craft Your Love Story Workbook, Video Training, Plus, a weekly call to ask questions and explore what your learning.
  • Led by:Lyssa deHart, LICSW, Happy Wife + Relationship Expert + Master Certified Coach

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 35 files Text Icon 4 text files


Welcome to Craft Your Love Story!
Welcome to Craft Your Love Story Video
CYLS Welcome Page.pdf
3.41 MB
Zoom Information
CYLS Honor Agreement BETATEST.pdf
328 KB
Craft Your Love Story: Check List - Use this as only a check list, not a quiz.
Agreement for Trust and Safety
CYLS Module 1: Agreement Setting; Head, Heart, Gut; Your Vision Statement
Module 1 Video
CYLS Module 1 Workbook EPDF.pdf
465 KB
CYLS Module 2: Discovering Your Essence and Personal Values
Module 2 Video
CYLS Module 2 Workbook EPDF.pdf
608 KB
Amazing Resonance Experiment!
CYLS Module 3: Jerks and Tuning your BS Detector
Module 3 Video
CYLS Module 3 Workbook EPDF.pdf
317 KB
Thought Experiment: Who The Hell is Hamish?
CYLS Module 4: Let's Talk About Sex; Know, Trust, Commit; Chemistry & Common Sense
Module 4 Video
CYLS Module 4 Workbook EPDF.pdf
403 KB
CYLS Module 5: Family Dynamics; "The One"; Patterns & Potential; Timing
Module 5 Video
CYLS Module 5 Workbook EPDF.pdf
723 KB
CYLS Module 6: A deep dive into Relationship Values
Module 6 Video
CYLS Module 6 Workbook EPDF.pdf
223 KB
CYLS Module 7: Binding Versus Bonding Factors
Module 7 Video
CYLS Module 7 Workbook EPDF.pdf
388 KB
CYLS Module 8: Do I Like You?; and Your Life as a Pie
Module 8 Video
CYLS Module 8 Workbook EPDF.pdf
489 KB
CYLS Module 9: Flirting with Purpose; Inner Wisdom Visualization
Module 9 Video
CYLS Module 9 Workbook EPDF.pdf
302 KB
CYLS Module 10: Bringing it all together!
CYLS Module 10 - preview
Module 10 Video
CYLS Module 10 Workbook EPDF.pdf
588 KB
Recorded Calls
Call 1 Audio.mp3
(1h 02m 25s)
Call 1 Video
Call 2 Audio.m4a
(1h 12m 20s)
Call 2 Video.mp4
(1h 12m 20s)
Call 3 Audio.m4a
(1h 03m 42s)
Call 3 Video.mp4
(1h 03m 42s)
Call 4 Audio.m4a
(1h 02m 14s)
Call 4 Video.mp4
(1h 02m 14s)
Call 5 Audio.m4a
(1h 00m 41s)
Call 5 Video.mp4
(1h 00m 41s)
Call 6 Audio.m4a
60 mins
Call 6 Video.mp4
60 mins
Call 7 Audio.mp3
(1h 02m 40s)
Call 7 Video.mp4
(1h 02m 40s)
Call 8 Audio.m4a
53 mins
Call 8 Video.mp4
53 mins
Call 9 Audio.m4a
60 mins
Call 9 Video.mp4
59 mins

Additional FAQ's

Is there a suggested time frame to complete?

My recommendation is one video module per week; this allows you time to thoroughly digest and ruminate over the content covered.  However, it is up to you and what feels right, go through the program at the pace that feel is right for you.  Your content never goes away, and you can access it anytime.

Do the modules have to be done in order?

No, you can participate in any order you would like. If you find one topic pulling at you or that you have noticed may be a repeating pattern, by all means, take it first. 

 Is there any additional content?

Yes, how did you know to ask? ;o) You will receive a workbook that can be completed online and/or printed out. You will be invited to weekly calls where your questions will be discussed. These calls will also be recorded so if you can review them at any time. You will also receive an invitation to join a group of your peers who are going through the program with you or have already completed the program.

What happens if I get stuck or need further assistance understanding a concept?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during our weekly calls.  Also, you are welcome to email me directly, and if you wish to take a deep dive into a subject, you may want to work one on one with me through personal coaching. I am here to support you.

Have we missed something that really needs to be here?  

I love hearing from you and am always working to improve my offerings. If we have missed something on this FAQ, please email me and let me know. This is also true for the program, if you have any recommendations or feedback, let me know.  Thank you so much and I am honored to be on this growth journey with you.