ICF Requirements for Transcripts

Transcripts submitted for performance evaluations will be subject to the following requirements (with changes in bold):

  • Your transcript(s) must be a verbatim, written word-for-word record of the coaching session(s) submitted.
  • Your transcript must indicate who is speaking—the coach or the client—at any time in the conversation. The transcript must list the coach’s statements and the client’s statements on separate lines.
  • Your transcript must include timestamps at every change in speaker (coach and client).
  • Transcripts need to be in the same language used in your recording. If ICF does not offer a performance evaluation in your language, you will need to submit a transcript with the language used in your recording and with an English translation of the transcript.
  • Your transcript must be provided in .DOC, .DOCX or similar word processing file format. Transcripts provided in PDF format cannot be accepted.

By refining our requirements for session transcripts, we’re demonstrating our continued commitment to positioning the ICF Credential as the gold standard for the coaching profession.

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