Welcome to Art+Science an MCC Evolution Group Mentor Coaching

First congratulations on choosing to deepen your skills and I am honored that you have chosen to share your journey with me. Thank you for joining the group.

There is a seismic evolution that one takes when moving from PCC to MCC. It asks each of us something that requires us to sit into ourselves. Letting go of all performance, so that we can be present with confidence and compassion. Moving through and past the desire to "get the client where they need to go," in order to allow the client to lead us where they need to explore. We are blind people, being led through another person's internal landscape. 

To do this deep work is ultimately how we support clients to develop awareness, get curious on their own behalf, and then make conscious choices and sustainable changes. 

This is a coaching evolution. To understand the competencies, and then demonstrate them with artfulness, humor, presences, and non-attachment. All the while using yourself, your knowledge, not to teach others, but to inform your curiosity, so that you can hold the space for your client's brain to light up with aha's.

The goal of this mentoring program is that you feel confident in your MCC application and you stretch yourself in the safety of others who want you to have full success.

Congratulate yourself for your commitment to grow and develop your coaching skills, and take this important step into your MCC.

I look forward to being part of your journey,

#1 Art+Science: an MCC Evolution

Starting Monday, September 7, 2020.
Up to 32 ICF CCEs - 7 Group Mentor Coaching Hours
This is for PCC's preparing to apply for their MCC.

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