Welcome to Group Coaching

First congratulations on choosing to deepen your skills and we are honored that you have chosen to share your journey with us. Thank you for joining the group.

The coaching market is a very populated place. What sets you and your coaching apart from every other “coach” out in the world? 

We believe what sets you apart is your professionalism, credibility, and skills that embody a set of competencies proven to get results.  This is different from consulting, counseling, mentoring, or teaching, for we embrace that our clients are whole, capable, resourceful, and creative.  We become fully present with our clients, guiding them to their deep inner wisdom so they can choose how to move forward versus the coach making those choices.  

Through our mentor coaching program, you will learn to deepen your presence with both clients and with self-as-coach. You’ll improve how you integrate the ICF competencies to support and guide the client to create their own transformational change.

Ultimately, the benefit of mentor coaching is to increase your coaching confidence, your professional credibility as a coach, and your ability to continue to deepen and grow your coaching practice. What we attend to is what we manifest in our coaching. 

Attention + Intention = Manifestation

Congratulate yourself for your commitment to grow and develop your coaching skills.

Yay to Lifelong Learning!
Lyssa and Maureen

#3 Group Mentor Coaching Fall 2020

Group starting Monday, September, 14th, 2020.
Up to 28 ICF CCE's & 7 Mentor Coaching Hours

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