Thought Experiment: Who The Hell is Hamish?

In module 3 as we are looking at indicators of a Jerk and tuning your BS detector, take a listen to this podcast by The Australian. 

A conman, Hamish McLaren/Watson, gives you some real-life examples of many of the qualities we are learning about. There are four episodes, you can probably move through them in approx 2 hours if you binge on them. Or, take your time.

Pay special attention to how Hamish conned people. 

  • What were the Red Flags?
  • What were people willing to overlook?
  • What did the people outside of the relationships say?
  • When you feel "love" for someone before you really know them, what would you need to pay attention to?
  • What were the indicators that he was a jerk?
  • What are your takeaways from the podcast?

Check it out on you own podcast app or visit:

Craft Your Love Story

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