CYLS Module 10: Bringing it all together!

Yay You ROCK!
I know it's been a journey and you climbed the mountain, you crossed the finish line, you did it! 

I want to acknowledge that you have made it this far! This is our final module, module 10. I hope you're doing a little jiggy dance :).

In this module, we are going to bring it all together.
  • Strategic versus the Numbers Game
  • Your Strategy
  • Your Dating Funnel
  • I Hate Dating - Let's StoryJack that One!
  • Dating Game Plan
  • and last but not least, What is Your Why?

As you complete this module, be thinking about what your takeaways are. What will you be packing into your toolbox of dating tools? And, what feedback do you have for me, to improve the program?

In closing…
Thank you for allowing me to participate in this journey with you. 
CYLS Module 10: Bringing it all together!
CYLS Module 10 - preview
Module 10 Video
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