Craft Your Love Story - Beta-Testing

Craft Your Love Story
Welcome to Craft Your Love Story!
Welcome to Craft Your Love Story Video
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Craft Your Love Story: Check List - Use this as only a check list, not a quiz.
Agreement for Trust and Safety
CYLS Module 1: Agreement Setting; Head, Heart, Gut; Your Vision Statement
Module 1 Video
CYLS Module 1 Workbook EPDF.pdf
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CYLS Module 2: Discovering Your Essence and Personal Values
Module 2 Video
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Amazing Resonance Experiment!
CYLS Module 3: Jerks and Tuning your BS Detector
Module 3 Video
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Thought Experiment: Who The Hell is Hamish?
CYLS Module 4: Let's Talk About Sex; Know, Trust, Commit; Chemistry & Common Sense
Module 4 Video
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CYLS Module 5: Family Dynamics; "The One"; Patterns & Potential; Timing
Module 5 Video
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CYLS Module 6: A deep dive into Relationship Values
Module 6 Video
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CYLS Module 7: Binding Versus Bonding Factors
Module 7 Video
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CYLS Module 8: Do I Like You?; and Your Life as a Pie
Module 8 Video
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CYLS Module 9: Flirting with Purpose; Inner Wisdom Visualization
Module 9 Video
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CYLS Module 10: Bringing it all together!
CYLS Module 10 - preview
Module 10 Video
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