Implicit Bias to Conscious Coaching by Lyssa deHart

Implicit Bias to Conscious Coaching

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for attending the presentation on How Our Biases Impact Our Coaching

You may find that the name of this material is different than the webinar you attended. I want to assure you that the information is the same.

You will find a copy of the slides, the worksheet, and the model of change for the ICF core competencies.

Thank you for attending the webinar!
Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC

What's included?

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Hello and Welcome
Special Gift for You.
ICF Malaysia Demonstration.mp4
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The Material
SLIDES: Implicit Bias to Conscious Coaching.pdf
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Circle of Trust Worksheet.docx
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Old to Updated ICF CCs Full.pdf
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Coaching Competency Checklist Fillable.pdf
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Article_JUNE2020_The Neuroscience of Racism.docx
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